Game Video Recorder Software and Game Benchmarking Tool

game benchmark tool screenshot

Have you ever been in such a situation when playing an exciting video game, you need to record some great moment, but sometimes you happen to disappoint with the quality of results? Or you just want to show some tricks in a game? Unfortunately, whether you are an experienced gamer or a complete newbie, you are sure to face this sort of problems again and again...

Record Game Video

But thanks to Game Camcorder (game video recorder software for Windows) your problems are over, you'll be able to record high-quality game videos without slowing down or performance worsening. This great software is here to help you forget many annoying problems connected with game video recording. Now you can upload your HD videos to Youtube and be proud of the video quality! Do not waste your time looking for the best game recorder software, stay with Game Camcorder.

Teamspeak and Ventrilo overlays

The program has great functions and even greater potential. It can capture full-screen in-game video having high FPS. The software successfully works with Teamspeak and Ventrilo overlays, thus enabling you to see on the screen the nick of those players who are talking to you at the moment. It also can record multi-sound sources - everything is to your taste!

Benchmarking Tool

Game Camcorder can also measure any performance index during the game and later compare it with other games or at a different moment. Game Camcorder is also a powerful game benchmarking tool. It shows the exact number of FPS at the moment of recording in the corner of the screen. So, using Game Camcorder, you will always have the statistics and use it for other purposes.

Capture Game Screenshots

Capturing screenshots has hardly ever been easier! Just pressing one key, you make a fantastic screenshot! Game Screen Recorder allows you to save loads of efforts by automatically naming and timestamping pictures. As simple as that!

Better than Fraps®!

Numerous users admit that the software is extremely effective and help for gamers. Unlike other game video recording software, Game Camcorder recognizes and tries to use the full potential of modern computer graphics cards and CPU. So, it's up to you to choose - low-quality game movies or Game Camcorder! Still in doubt? Read more about fraps alternative.


Do You Need a Video Editor for Your Game Recordings?

We can suggest you a simple but powerful video editor - Bolide Movie Creator. Trim, split, join your recordings with ease! If you are looking for an easy way to record webcam video, check AlterCam program. It does a great job!


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