[SOLVED]: Fraps lag. My Fraps lagging while recording

free fraps alternative screenshot

Question: Ok, here is my problem. When I am recording Duke Nukem Forever gameplay with Fraps, it lags like hell! I see the FPS drop to 5-6 every 30 seconds. How can I fix this Fraps lag?

Answer: Fraps is a popular program, but seems not the best one. We found that Game Camcorder produces a smooth video where Fraps lags. Game Camcorder can use GPU power and works faster than Fraps in most cases. We tested both Fraps and Game Camcorder with Duke Nukem Forever and got 30-40 in-game FPS while Fraps recording and 40-50 in-game FPS during recording the gameplay with Game Camcorder. Although we don't notice Fraps lag as you described (5 FPS), Game Camcorder was a bit faster. We think your problem can be easily solved with switching from Fraps to Game Camcorder. Many users are already discovered this nice Fraps alternative software.

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