Gameplay Video Recording Got Easy!

game benchmark tool screenshot

All PC gamers know how important it is to record the excellent gameplay moment, and post it to Youtube or directly to friends. If you still think that recording the gameplay requires the top hardware, you're wrong! With Game Camcorder program, gameplay recording on PC got easy and worked smoothly even on old systems.

One of the features I particularly like in the latest Game Camcorder version is the ability to pre-record the gameplay video. Now I don't need to record gigabytes of the boring video trying to catch the cool gameplay moment. I can hit Record hotkey after this moment and it will be saved to my recorded video file!

It is funny that I can record my voice together with the gameplay video. Now I'm recording my gameplay for some tough moments of the game with commentaries for my younger brother.

Now I can't imagine a gamer without gameplay recording software! It is an absolute must-have tool for every video game lover.