Game Screen Recorder

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These days you can hardly imagine a gamer not recording gameplay video. Since you're reading this, you must be among those who want to show your friends a game moment you're particularly proud of, right? Okay, then the proper game screen recorder is a real must for you! Using it, you can easily record high-quality full-screen game video without any problems whatsoever.

The New Game Screen Recorder Is Really Worth it!

And the most frequent and therefore annoying problems with game video recording are a game slowdown and significant quality. How to solve those problems without wasting precious time and too much effort? The answer is the best screen recorder Game Camcorder! Its developers have already found a way to sort out these problems and added lots of exciting features for a real gamer.

First of all, it's the ability to record high-quality game video having high FPS. You will notice no slowdown of the game, and besides, with the function of pre-recording, you will be able not to miss a thing in your 3D game. So, you press the key and game screen recorder had already caught some time before you started recording. It's great, since you may not be bothered to record a lot of videos so that you could get the right moment.

Secondly, with Game Camcorder you can capture the best screenshots having pressed one key only. Besides, the game screen recorder will automatically name them and timestamp - saving a lot of your time. Remember? It usually takes some time to make a good screenshot and to edit it - the game screen recorder does everything for you leaving just a lot of game drive and fun!

If you prefer team play, then you will find the feature of team play recording really worthwhile. You see while recording video, and the program shows you who is talking at the moment and what their nick is. Being the best screen recorder, this powerful recording tool gets on especially well with Teamspeak, and Ventrilo overlays.

Game Camcorder evaluates the performance all the time - so, at the moment of recording, it always shows the statistics (FPS) which can be very useful for you.

So, why not give Game Camcorder a try today? Anyway, it has an unlimited free trial - you're not losing anything, right? But you'll get your own opinion which game screen recorder to use and why. It's worth it - you'll see! ;)