Game Recorder Software for PC

game benchmark tool screenshot

So, you're gamer, right? Great, then we don't need to explain why you need to record game video :) Of course, you need game recorder software. You've possibly heard about Fraps® program. We have the one that is better than FRAPS! Yes, we are talking about Game Camcorder now.

Game Recorder With No Lags

Have you ever experienced the FPS decrease when using other game recorder software? Forget the lags with Game Camcorder! Due to the highly optimized code, our game recorder software runs faster, uses available CPU and GPU cores for video compression and allows you to record game video even in FullHD resolution.

Game Recorder with Teamspeak and Ventrilo support

As we are gamers ourselves, we know the importance of the Teamspeak and Ventrilo overlays. Our game recorder software supports both of them. With Game Camcorder you can see the nick of those players who are talking to you during the gameplay. More features are coming soon.

Game Recorder with the benchmarks

Yes, our game recorder software has benchmark features as well. Apart from the FPS measurements, there are several other in-aregame benchmarks available. Don't read anymore - just give Game Camcorder a try! It is just like a recently released game that you've been waiting for! :)