Why is Game Camcorder better than FRAPS ® ?

free fraps alternative screenshot

Yes, it was our goal - to make a pc game recorder that will be better than FRAPS. And we turned it into reality! Game Camcorder is a highly optimized program; that is why it requires fewer CPU resources than Fraps. No more lags during gameplay capture! We are working together with Intel for better code optimization for modern CPUs. Just give Game Camcorder a try, compare it with FRAPS and feel the difference. We are almost sure about your choice between FRAPS and Game Camcorder.

We are thoroughly debugging and polishing the source code to make our program stable, and now we are better than Fraps! Please note, our code is NOT based on Fraps source code.

What customers say about FRAPS ® alternative

"I have had several problems with Fraps during Battlefield gameplay capture. The sound was kinda strange and not clear for some reason. Several updates didn't fix the problem, and I started to look for free Fraps alternative software. Tried even several free ones, but they were completely unusable after fraps. Game Camcorder was the only program that started to work without any changes in the settings - just install and run! Keep up the great work guys!"
Kevin P.

"Thanks, guys, your program is awesome! You saved my money! I was going to upgrade my old video card, because of fps decrease while capturing video with fraps (got a fraps lag). Someone on Yahoo.Answers suggested I shouldn't spend much money on the top video card, but try Game Camcorder instead. It was a miracle! :) With Game Camcorder I am playing and recording game video smoothly! Nice FRAPS alternative, my recommendations."
Gordon Dobson

Best FRAPS ® alternative?

There are several FRAPS alternative programs available at the market. You may try them all and select the best one. If you don't want to waste your time, get Game Camcorder now. It is the best FRAPS alternative at the moment, and we are going to make it even better! We have got some more aces in the hole :)